Compact ComposTumbler


The Compact ComposTumbler was developed in the 1990's specifically for home composting by suburban gardeners and homeowners who garden on smaller properties. This composter has all the same quality and speed of the bigger model, with half the capacity.

Holds up to 9.5 bushels of material to make plenty of compost for medium size gardens.

Convenient, gear-driven, easy-to-spin handle makes it easy to turn even a fully loaded drum.

Aeration/drainage units on the door allow the proper air intake for oxygen-hungry bacteria and the release of excess moisture, without spilled compost.

Interior mixing fins assure thorough mixing as you turn the drum. Prevents material from sticking to the sides. Produces faster decomposition.

Sturdy, galvanized steel wall construction is rust resistant, gives long-lasting use batch after batch.

Drum Capacity
12 cu. ft. Holds over 9.5 bushels (88 gallons). Up to three 30-gallon trash bags of material.

43" H x 42" W x 33" D

Drum Height
12" off the ground

Drum Materials
Non-toxic galvanized steel, rust-resistant. BPA-free, food grade plastic end caps.

Tubular steel with black powder-coated finish

Aerator/Drainage units on the door

Air Circulation
Screened vents in the end caps

Gear-driven handle on frame

Sage Green

Time to Finish Compost
Finished compost in 14 days*
* Compost times depend on ambient temperature and combination of materials being composted.

60 days

2 years