Our Warranty

We make very effort to be sure we manufacture our garden products with the finest materials and an eye for detail. If, however, you discover a defect in your product, simply contact us and we’ll make it right!

If a defect that is covered by this warranty is discovered during the period of the warranty, COMPOST.com  will repair or replace (at our option) the defective item within a reasonable period of time.

COMPOST.com  reserves the right to refuse service and invalidate this warranty when, upon inspection, the product failure is due to mishandling, improper storage (ie leaving tools outdoors for an extended period of time - everything rusts!), excessive abuse (yes, running your lawn mower over a forgotten tool nulls the warranty!) or other cause not due to defective workmanship or materials.

COMPOST.com  will not honor this warranty if products are bought from unauthorized sellers. Authorized sellers only include:

  • https://compost.com
  • "Family Matters Products, Inc" as the "Sold by" on Amazon.com.

Within the warranty period,COMPOST.com  will validate the customer's original order, either from Amazon.com or on compost.com only.

Compost Thermometer Warranty Terms: 2 years

Issues covered:

  • Warping of metal even if stored properly
  • broken or misreading dial
  • breakage of dial and thermometer shaft during normal use

Issues Not Covered:

  • Rust due to excessive outdoor weather exposure
  • Breakage due to mishandling: grabbing thermometer by the dial, using it as a soil thermometer

Knee Pad Warranty Terms: 1 year

Issues covered:

  • compression of the padding
  • tears and rips due to normal usage

Issues Not Covered:

  • Tears and rips due to non-gardening use (ie using it for renovations, on bare floors or cement can shred the soft Neoprene material. Use proper contractor's knee pads for these occasions) 
  • Improper washing - Wash gentle cycle and hang to dry, or hand wash. Neoprene is the same material used in sports bathing suits. Wash and care the same way

Garden Pruners: 10 years

Issues covered:

  • cracks or breaks in the blade
  • breakage/loss of the spring in the bypass shears
  • breakage/loss of the screw in the ratchet shears

Issues Not Covered:

  • Normal dulling of the blades - you can sharpen your blade using a blade sharpener. Blades should not dull with normal use and maintenance
  • Improper use of the pruners (ie tree branches over 7/8 of an inch will unnecessarily strain the ratchet pruners)
  • Improper outdoor exposure - clean and store in a covered, dry area after use. Any metal, no matter the quality, will rust in excessive outdoor exposure. 

Any questions on this warranty, please contact us.