iCompost Gear-Driven Original ComposTumbler iCompost Gear-Driven Original ComposTumbler iCompost Gear-Driven Original ComposTumbler

iCompost Gear-Driven Original ComposTumbler


The iCompost Gear-Driven Original ComposTumbler is one of the premier tumblers in the marketplace. With its oversized drum and gear-driven hand crank, this unit satisfies the needs of most backyard and garden enthusiasts.The drum was carefully engineered to take advantage of internally generated heat. Churning fins and air vents provide additional assistance for maximizing the rate of decomposition using beneficial microbes. Huge 22.5 cubic foot capacity.


Unit comes with a comprehensive assembly guide and instruction manual that includes helpful compost recipes and tips.Ê This model achieves a faster rate of decomposition when compared to other unit due to the higher internal temperatures at the core.

  • Tumbling is achieved by means of a gear driven crank which helps provide no-slip torque on the drum, even when filled
  • Exceptionally large volume (22.5 cubit feet) helps retain the internally generated heat that is produced as a byproduct of decomposition
  • Developed as a hot composter, thereby insuring a faster rate of breakdown
  • Internally positioned fins assist in not only minimizing clumping and improving aeration, but additionally help push freshly added material into the inner core, where temperatures can reach 150 degrees F
  • Screened vents on end caps assure constant and even air flow, which is critical to fast breakdown and mitigation of foul odors
  • Strong tubular steel frame adequately supports drum movement
  • Aesthetically pleasant color and design blends in seamlessly with landscape
  • Portals on the door are constructed to functional as both an air intake and liquid drainage for compost tea
  • Galvanized metal drum parts are rust resistant and resist the elements
  • Elevated, self-contained system keeps out pests and the curious, while allowing for easy loading and unloading into a wheel barrow or tub

Features & Benefits

Size Dimensions

68" High X 50" Wide X 40" Deep

Drum sits 27" off the ground


18 bushels / 167.5 gallons / 22.5 cubic feet


105 lbs


DRUM: rust-resistant, galvanized metal drum

STAND: powder-coated tubular steel frame

END CAPS: plastic parts are high-density polyethylene


1 unit


2-toned GREEN body, BLACK frame


Approx. 1-1.5 hours using common household tools


Kitchen scraps; chopped, soft garden trimmings

Key Features

Gear-driven crank for added leverage; elevated drum


Made in the USA


5 year defective parts replacement


Parcel Description

Box 1 = 50 lbs

Box 2 = 60 lbs

Shipping Method

Ground Service

Product Location


Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Time Before Shipping

1-2 days